Blackwater Valley Countryside

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On the borders of the English counties of Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey


Blackthorn blossomSunday 3rd August
Dragon Fly Walk - Sandhurst
11am - 1pm
Berkshire's Recorder for dragonflies will show us around this reserve which he knows well from his surveys there over many years. Meet at No Through Road off the A3095 at SU850629 (between the Owlsmoor Road and Magdalene Road junctions)

Saturday 16th August
Circular Walk: Sandhurst
10am - 12pm
Meet at 9.50am for a 10am start at Sandhurst Memorial Park, York Town road. OS SU 84255 61346 / GU47 9BJ
Start Sandhurst Memorial Park, Blackwater River path, Scotland Hill, Little Sandhurst, Ambarrow Park, Edgebarrow Woods, Wildmoor Reserve,  Snaprails Park and back to Sandhurst Memorial Park.

Friday 19th September
Bat Walk - Sandhurst
7:15pm - 9pm
A dusk walk along the River Blackwater listening to and with luck spotting bats. Meet at Shepherd Meadows car park off Marshall Road, Sandhurst Map Ref: SU848607.
Please book as always popular.

All our events are run and co-ordinated by the Blackwater Valley Countryside Trust


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Volunteer work programme
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Hollybush Pits Footpath Update.
The Blackwater Valley Path near North Camp Station has been diverted; gates have been erected blocking access to the riverside route. Public use of this section of path was agreed by previous landowners secured by a legal agreement with Rushmoor Borough Council specifying pedestrian use, although previous owners had no objection to cyclists. The agreement gives the landowner the option of providing an alternative route. The current owner has asked the council to stop publicising cycle access and has now used the option of diverting the pedestrian route away from the river.
We are very disappointed that this action has been taken as we do not know of any problems with cyclists or pedestrians on the riverside route. The alternative pedestrian only route can be found on our blog. It still requires surfacing, and includes Hollybush Lane that is also used by vehicles.
We will support Rushmoor Council in its negotiations with the landowner and are investigating the feasibility of other alternatives for cycle and pedestrian use.

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